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Mother’s Day Message

I have always said that Estate Planning is so much more than just creating your documents and getting your assets to the right people.  Family values, religious beliefs, dreams you have for your children are all important as well. What if you don’t get the opportunity to share things with your children and family? Listen […]

How Can An Accredited VA Attorney Help Me?

How can an accredited VA attorney help you with VA pension planning? The simplest answer is — they can get you more of the benefits you are entitled to receive. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is known for being incredibly complicated and confusing. Even their own employees have a difficult time finding which way is up […]

Reviewing Your Will

If you’ve taken the time to create a Will, you’ve done so because you love the people closest to you who will be here when you’re gone. Even if some time has passed since you’ve created that Will, your love has not changed, but very likely a lot of other important things have.  Taking the time to review […]

Criteria For Naming a Guardian in a Will

One of the most important responsibilities set forth in a will is who should get guardianship of your children should anything happen to you before your kids are grown.  Knowing who to trust with such a weighty, noble task is tough. Taking your time to decide is important. The state of North Carolina has created some […]

What To Do About Children Who Like To Spend

One of the main reasons our clients get involved in estate planning is to provide loved ones with protection from claims of future creditors, and “predators” such as divorcing spouses or lawsuits.  If you leave your property to your child as an outright distribution, the property will not be protected from these things, but by […]

What does a divorce have to do with your Estate Plan?

If you already have Advanced Directives (Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney) in place and you are going through a divorce or are recently divorced, you have some very important steps to take NOW! Without a doubt, your divorce will have a major impact on your estate plan. I know…this is […]

It is not just any old business…it is your LEGACY!

Ernest Becker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning psychologist and author of The Denial of Death wrote, “…what man really fears is not so much extinction, but extinction with insignificance.” Estate Planning is so much more than the distribution of “things” and “money”.  Estate Planning, if you truly look to the underlying motivation of why we even create an Estate […]

Could It Be That You Have Something In Common With The Groundhog?

February 2nd…the day we all find out how much more of this cold winter we should anticipate. I’m not certain there are official statistics for this, but based on my years of experience as a Charlotte wills and trust lawyer, a common denominator among my clients that have no estate plan in place when they […]

Not many had these 10 things on their 2014 Resolutions list! You should!

Happy New Year!  Now that the champagne has been consumed and the party horns have been put away, it’s time to really begin the New Year.   You may or may not be sticking to those resolutions you made on January 1st, but even if they are a vague memory at this point, I challenge you […]

Attention Business Owners – have you taken these important steps?

As a business owner myself, I know how much work goes into growing a business. And I know the thoughts that go through our minds each and every day. I am always thinking about something happening to me and the risks on my business, my employees and my family.  But, then I stop and reassure […]


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