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Charlotte Estate Administration Lawyer: Understanding the Basics of Probate in Mecklenburg County, NC

The thought of going through probate in Mecklenburg County can strike fear in the hearts of most people, and with good reason. The time it takes is long and grueling, and the paperwork is overwhelming. The details of probate vary from state to state, so the process looks different depending on where the deceased owns […]

Mecklenburg County Trust Lawyer: How to Protect an Inheritance for a Loved One Battling Bipolar Disorder

As a Mecklenburg County trust lawyer, I am often asked by parents if it is possible to protect an inheritance for an adult child who battles Bipolar Disorder. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of the condition is excessive financial spending while in the mania phase of the disease. Parents often worry that if they leave […]

Charlotte Will and Trust Lawyer Offers Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families

By Charlotte Will and Trust Lawyer Sabrina Winters Modern American families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations. This creates unique circumstances when creating wills and trusts and putting long-term care plans in place. There is always the potential for conflict when it comes to estate planning in general, but the added element of […]

Charlotte Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses Three Easy Ways to Protect Your Children in an Emergency

By Charlotte Estate Planning Lawyer Sabrina Winters If something were to happen to you and your spouse, what would happen if the authorities or medical personnel did not know that you have minor children at home waiting for you? Picture this: your children are at home and more frightened as each hour passes and you […]

How to Handle Decision-Making for an Adult Child With Special Needs When the Parents Are Divorced

Any type of co-parenting relationship can be complicated, especially when the relationship ends in divorce. Divorcing parents of a special needs child, even one that has reached adulthood, may have questions about their rights and obligations as guardians when it comes to decision-making for an adult child with special needs. While laws may vary from […]

Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney Answers, “Can I Name More Than One Person as My Power of Attorney?”

By Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney Sabrina Winters Granting someone power of attorney means that you are giving them the authority to make important decisions on your behalf should you be incapable of making them yourself. The scope, duration, and other specifics are up to you. While the laws vary in each state, it’s usually as […]

Mecklenburg County Elder Law Attorney: 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dementia Care Facility

By Mecklenburg County Elder Law Attorney Sabrina Winters Once an older loved one starts to show signs of dementia, you will likely need to start thinking about the type of care he or she will need in the future. When your loved one gets to the point where he or she is no longer able […]

Charlotte Will and Estate Lawyer Answers, “Can I Exclude My Spouse or Child from My Will?”

By Charlotte Will and Estate Lawyer Sabrina Winters Excluding someone from your will, particularly if it’s your spouse or your child, can be complicated. In some states, it’s not even allowed. Leaving out people who wouldn’t automatically receive any of your estate is usually as simple as just not including them. However, if you do […]

Why Do You Want to Avoid Probate in Mecklenburg County?

One of the main benefits of estate and trust planning according to lawyers in Mecklenburg County is the avoidance of probate proceedings. But what does that mean? And why should you want to avoid probate in the first place? The main reason to avoid probate in Mecklenburg County is simply that it’s a long, public, […]

Mecklenburg County Elder Law Attorney: When is it Time to Take Away the Car Keys?

By Mecklenburg County Elder Law Attorney Sabrina Winters One of the hardest things a senior must come to grips with is that he or she can no longer operate an automobile safely. However, this is not usually something they’ll admit to themselves, even if they know it’s the truth. Most of the time it is […]


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