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Charlotte Will and Estate Lawyer Answers, “Can I Exclude My Spouse or Child from My Will?”

By Charlotte Will and Estate Lawyer Sabrina Winters Excluding someone from your will, particularly if it’s your spouse or your child, can be complicated. In some states, it’s not even allowed. Leaving out people who wouldn’t automatically receive any of your estate is usually as simple as just not including them. However, if you do […]

Why Do You Want to Avoid Probate in Mecklenburg County?

One of the main benefits of estate and trust planning according to lawyers in Mecklenburg County is the avoidance of probate proceedings. But what does that mean? And why should you want to avoid probate in the first place? The main reason to avoid probate in Mecklenburg County is simply that it’s a long, public, […]

Mecklenburg County Elder Law Attorney: When is it Time to Take Away the Car Keys?

By Mecklenburg County Elder Law Attorney Sabrina Winters One of the hardest things a senior must come to grips with is that he or she can no longer operate an automobile safely. However, this is not usually something they’ll admit to themselves, even if they know it’s the truth. Most of the time it is […]

Charlotte Estate Planning Lawyer: 5 Estate Planning Must-Haves

As a Charlotte estate planning lawyer, I am often asked by my clients to explain what comprises a basic estate plan. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question because an estate plan all depends on the situation and the needs of the individual. For instance, a basic estate plan for one person might include […]

Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney: How to Use a 529 Plan to Save for Education Expenses While Benefiting Your Estate

By Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney Sabrina Winters If you’ve heard of a 529 Plan, you probably think of it as a means of education funding for your children or your grandchildren. These plans are sponsored by state agencies or educational institutions, and they’re available to people of all income brackets. While a 529 Plan is […]

Charlotte Will and Trust Lawyer on How to “Marie Kondo” Your Financial Life and Streamline Your Estate Planning Process

By Charlotte Will and Trust Lawyer Sabrina Winters If you’re not familiar with Marie Kondo, take some time this week to watch one of her videos on YouTube or check out her new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It’s incredible to watch the relief and joy that people experience just by implementing her […]

Charlotte Will and Trust Attorney: How to Talk to Your Adult Children About the Inheritance You Plan on Leaving Them

By Charlotte Will and Trust Attorney Sabrina Winters As people get into their senior years, it is natural to start thinking about the end of life. Those thoughts can bring about concern regarding the type of inheritance to leave to adult children and exactly how to carry out your wishes when passing down your assets […]

Charlotte Elder Law Attorney: Tips When Caring for an Out-of-State Elderly Parent

One of the hardest things an adult child must handle is the responsibility of overseeing their elderly parent’s care. As a Charlotte elder law attorney, I find that this situation is only made harder when the child and parent live in different states. While arranging for transportation, healthcare, and day-to-day activities is challenging, matters are […]

Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney: Can I Use a Revocable Living Trust for Asset Protection?

Trusts are excellent legal tools that can be used to accomplish most estate planning and asset protection planning goals. The most common type of trust is a Revocable Living Trust which will hold your assets and help avoid the Mecklenburg County probate process when you pass away. However, as a Charlotte estate planning attorney, I […]

Charlotte Estate Planning: What You Should Know About Joint Ownership and Its Alternatives

Joint ownership in layman’s terms is synonymous with co-ownership. If a property is owned by more than one individual, it is referred to as being held in joint tenancy. What is the Advantage of Joint Ownership as an Estate Planning Method? One of the major advantages of joint ownership of an asset is that it […]


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