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Will you join TEAM DEFEET ALZHEIMER’S in helping to fight this awful disease?

Dear all who want to DEFEET Alzheimer’s, Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC has started a team to walk and help raise money for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Our TEAM DEFEET ALZHEIMER’S will be taking their first annual walk in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s this fall. Many of you may already know that […]

It’s great when Clients prove my point!

I have always said that Estate Planning is so much more than the creation of documents.  Knowing what your assets are is part of Estate Planning. If you don’t know what assets you have, how are you going to put a proper Estate Plan in place that meets your wishes? This is the main reason […]

Nervous About Your Estate Planning Appointment?

Your first meeting with your Estate Planning attorney can be a little intimidating, especially if it is your first time and you do not know what to expect. At our Firm it is important to us that you know what to expect at every stage of the planning process. It is our goal to eliminate as much […]

Eww…cadaver donations?

For those of you that may be considering donating your body for research and not certain what is involved, here is a brief list of North Carolina Medical Schools accepting cadavers for research.  You will have to make special arrangements directly with the school and of course, make certain that your Estate Plan reflects your […]

Financing a business start up or expansion in North Carolina

Many of my clients are business owners of varying sizes.  Regardless of size, the common denominator in my experience is cash flow issues regardless of being a start-up company or a company that is looking to expand.  When it comes to raising money for a business start-up or expansion, business owners often ask if it’s […]

Do our clients really think that about Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC?

Deciding on the “right” estate planning attorney can be daunting.  What should you be looking for? What should you be asking? Knowing not only the questions to ask at the onset but the reasons why these questions should be asked is priceless when considering the impact Estate Planning documents done properly will have. Because we have represented […]

Are you really done after you have an Estate Plan?

It almost goes without saying that, “The only constant in life is change.”  Yet, most people believe that once they have established their Living Trust or Last Will and Testament and have setup other more advanced estate planning, that they are done.  Unfortunately, this thinking is perpetuated by a lot of estate planners who give […]

How much have you left to chance? It may be more than you think!

How much have you left to chance? It may be more than you think! The reality is…only about 20 percent of the population has a formal written estate plan. Taking the proper measures to put a plan in place today will allow for you to KEEP CONTROL when you may not be able to HAVE […]

Living Trusts Are Not Cookie Cutter

Many think that a Living Trust is just a form that can be pulled off a bookshelf or printed on a computer.  Or that a Living Trust done online using the internet, or prepared by a non-attorney paralegal, or by an inexperienced attorney or a bargain-priced attorney is the same as one custom – drafted by an […]

So you don’t think you need a Living Trust? Or do you?

Although a Living Trust may not be a fit for everybody, it’s a must for most people.  For the most part, we all share – – whether you are single, divorced, married or an unmarried couple – – common objectives in doing an estate plan. 1st:   Distribution Making sure the right people get your assets (not […]


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